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Dancing Women
Baila Conmigo
Creating joy through dancing together

Join Cha-cha Soltero, your host, and get ready to feel the music and get moving.  This virtual environment allows you to express yourself with your dance moves.  Join for a song or for the full 30 minutes session of mostly Latin music as it's sure to get you bailando, increase your heart rate and improve your mood.

Baila Conmigo is for everyone!

Baila Conmigo is unstructured dancing safe environment like when you go to a club but in the beauty of your own home but with the supporty of your Baila Conmingo community.  Let's be crazy happy together!

PS. Cha-cha is NOT a dancer just someone like you who just wants you to be happy and share in the joy of the latin beat.

Suggest a song!

Thanks for your suggestion!

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