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House of Water Jewelry

designed by Amanda 

Natural and vibrant.

Playful and timeless.

Part pirate treasure, part underwater goddess from Atlantis.

Fluid and resilient like water.

One of a kind pieces!  All hardware is sold sterling silver or 14K gold-filled, and created to last. (If hardware tarnish occurs over time, polish with a soft cloth safe for sterling silver.)

Amanda Knight designs and created Hose of Water Jewelry in her studio in College Park neighborhood of Orlando, FL.  She finds sources of raw materials from small vendors and mines around the world, building relationships with each of them so in an effort to promise you ethical sourcing and the most unique gems, while supporting the people who make their livings mining and cutting stones.

Custom designs and request are encouraged.  Contact Amanda at Instagram @houseofwaterjewelry or call (503) 367-8560

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