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Private Session

Private 1:1 Virtual or In Person Classes


This one-on-one class is 1 hour in length and includes an additional 15 minute consultation conducted prior to our practice. During our consultation we will discuss your needs and goals. This will allow me the opportunity to customize a class for you that can serve as the foundation for building your personal practice. Even if you have practiced yoga for years, these personalized sessions can help you achieve new skills, fix alignments or discover new ways to focus and progress your practice. 

Virtual sessions will be conducted via ZOOM, and you will need a phone or tablet positioned in a manner that allows me to see you and your alignments clearly so that I may offer feedback and adjustments. If our session is in person, proper social distancing precautions will be taken.

Semi Private 1:3 Virtual or In Person Sessions 


This class is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and can be customized for up to 3 people. Your session includes a 15 minute consultation with the group so that the class can be tailored to meet everyone's needs.  You decide the type of class you wish to take.  If the class is virtual, position the Zoom device so that I may see everyone and give virtual alignment feedback.  If the class is in person, proper social distancing precautions will be taken.


Schedule a private or small group session with Yanet to develop a personalized practice. This is an opportunity to create a self-care program tailored to your needs.

Classes are one hour plus

a 15 minute consultation.


At this time please send an email to to request a virtual or in person private yoga session.

Private Session

Contact Yanet at for information.

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