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Recycled Art with

Dale Wayne

Weekly art classes 

Explore calming drawing warm ups then join the group to make a recycled plastic bottle holiday wreath.  We'll warm-up with some pattern drawing  on our Zentangle cards. Learning to doodle with repetitive patterns and shapes is very calming. 

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Meditative Making : Doodle Art and Recycled Plastic Wreath Making (Part 1)

Class 1   Tuesday December 1, 1:30-2:30

Zentangle doodle introduction, then learn the different ways you can cut water bottle for varying sculptural effects.


     - Zentangle Kit


      - 20-25 water bottles, the thinner the better. Gatorade type bottles do not work. Soda bottles can be used but they are difficult to cut. You will cut a total of 50 bottles. 

Meditative Making : Doodle Art and Recycled Plastic Wreath Making (Part 2)

Class 2  Tuesday December 8, 1:30 -2:30

We will continue our exploration of doodling, adding some doodles that dangle!   We will paint bottles and exploring color mixing and materials applications. 


      -Zentangle Kit

      -10 uncut water bottles

      -Water bottles you cut from our first class

      -Acrylic paint

      -Glitter glaze 


      -Inexpensive Paintbrushes

Meditative Making : Doodle Art and Recycled Plastic Wreath Making (Part 3)

Class 3 Tuesday December 15, 1:30-2:30


Let’s doodle the alphabet and continue in our exploration of meditative repetitious patterns.

Wreath assembly. Bring your painted bottles and we’ll put the wreath together! 


     -Zentangle Kit

     -Artificial Fir Wreath 

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About Dale 

Dale Wayne is an art teacher, painter,  glass artist, and writer but she is best known for her work with recycled plastic bottles including an installation using 10,000 bottles and a piece that traveled to the Unite Arab Emirates and back.  In cooperation with Busch Gardens and Hillsborough county school she created a holiday tree that is featured every year. She worked with school groups to create “Harriet’s Tree”, a tree to honor her friend harriet Lake who diligently collected water bottles for Dale up until her passing. The tree won best of show.  Dale’s installations have been featured in Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Michigan, The United Arab Emirates. " Transforming trash into something cherished is inherently hopeful and I never cease to be amazed how the process touches people. I jump at opportunities to share techniques 


"Whether I am working in recycled plastic, painting landscapes in Alcohol Ink, or making jewelry from my hand blown glass beads, I give my materials breathing room to surprise me. Relating to the materials playfully gives my finished pieces a life and opinion of their own. They invite me in a dance on a horizon line that lies between struggle and beauty. I find hope and joy on that horizon, and desire to communicate that wonder in my work."

For more information on Dale visit::  Dale Wayne Design

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