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Virtual Classes

  • Registration is REQUIRED.

  • Once registered you will receive a link 30 minutes before class.  

  • Virtual waiting room opens 15 minutes prior to class. Please be ready to start on time. ​​​

  • You will need a yoga mat. The following items are encouraged but not required: 2 yoga blocks, yoga strap, tennis ball, blanket, a yoga bolster or pillow. Additional items you might consider having on hand (also not required): small towel, knee padding, jellies for joint padding, and a diffuser with aroma therapy oils. 

  • PLEASE listen to your body and only do as much as you can. Work at your own pace.​​

  • Each class has a different focus which are listed on the schedule page.

  • If you can't attend our live virtual classes, consider our monthly Yoga On-Demand membership to access our complete library of classes at your convenience.​

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Yoga classes from

the comfort of your home while attending a live class.

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