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Class Focus Types and Descriptions


  • Alignment - This slow-flowing practice creates a foundational structure that helps with all aspects of the physical body.  

  • Back Body Lengthening- This class helps create length in the back body. These stretches will help alleviate the tightening of the back body muscles, such as hamstrings, which usually lead to back pain. 

  • Balance- A fun class that infuses playful balance combinations to help you strengthen and lengthen all areas of the body, especially the core. 

  • Core - Core movements used creatively are peppered throughout this class to help strengthen the mid region of the body in an holistic manner. 

  • Feet - Foot health impacts the health of knees, hips and so much more. To create a foundation for overall body wellness you have to start from the ground up. Feel rooted and grounded as awareness is drawn toward the feet in this foundational class.  

  • Flexibility- The postures during this class are created and executed to aid the  body in lengthening and restoring.  Class moves slowly in a therapeutic manner. 

  • Foundational Flow - A gentle yoga class that incorporates breathe awareness, joint release, core activation, and balance through standing, seated, balancing, and restorative sequences. 

  • Front body lengthening - This class focuses on opening the chest and shoulders to help lengthen the body, correct posture, and improve your ability to take deeper, easier breaths.

  • Hips - This hour-long practice focuses on hip strength, mobility and flexibility. 

  • Posture - An alignment-based yoga practice with elements that enhance good posture. 

  • Yoga Rinse- A yoga practice that helps you release muscular and mental tension.  Class will move at a moderate pace and poses are held a moderate amount of time to create a rinse affect that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

  • Side Body Focus- The side body is often ignored during our everyday lives in our typical fitness routines. This class will focus on lengthening and strengthening to aid in releasing stagnant segments of the side body,  resulting in the ability to take deeper breaths. 

  • Spine - Spine health is crucial for overall body health.  During this class, we will dive into deep active and restorative poses that will aid in the overall health of your spine.

  • Strength - This is a slow paced, yet fiery class structured to create total body strengthening opportunities.  It can be regressed or progressed to find that perfect balance you need on the mat. 

  • Stretch & Flexibility - These full hour of flexibility postures enhanced by the use of straps, bolsters, blocks and blankets.  A great addendum to this practice is the use of a lavender oil.  Classes are 1 hour in length.  Available in the on-demand library.

  • Twists - Twists rotate the spine and stretch the muscles of the back. This class helps to restore and retain the spine's natural range of motion and helps with detoxifying the body.

  •  Yin Yang- An interval style yoga practice that offers restorative style poses held for longer periods of time (Yin) coupled with dynamic poses that promote body heat (Yang) to create a sense of physical balance.


Specialty Classes

  • Virtual Replay - These are virtual only sessions that feature pre-recorded flows.  Focus will vary week to week.



Yoga for ....


Back body, Side body,






Foundational Flow,

Front Body, Hips,

Posture Rinse,




Yin Yang

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