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Dale W., Maitland, FL

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"When I began practicing yoga with Yanet, I could not descend a staircase or take a walk. Multiple surgeries left me with nerve impingement and muscle damage. After years of physical therapy, wheelchairs, crutches, and canes, and plagued with anxiety and depression, I needed a deeper healing.

YanetYoga reconnected me with my body, teaching me mindfulness. Her practice addresses not only every part of the body, at the same time she nurtures the spirit and mind. Little by little, I found (and still find, five years later), that my body grows in its capacity to strengthen and stretch. My own strength astounds me as poses I formerly modified, became second nature and comforting. Not only that, she refocuses my mind and heart on the good things in life.

A friend once told me that yoga is like therapy for mental health and massage at the same time. Yanet's practice is even more than that. It is a spiritual journey of unfolding surprises. The pace of her classes invite me to a meditative yet challenging space. She begins slowly, with fun or contemplative music, taking me out of my to-do list mentality. Her calm manner, gentle voice, and irrepressible humor, lift me out of my thoughts, and instill in me a heart of gratitude; the key to contentment.

As I write, I am at the beach. Yesterday, I unrolled my mat at the ocean's edge and passed along some of what I have learned as my great-niece and I practiced yoga in the squishy unpredictable shoreline sand and sea water, the waves challenging our balance. I have Yanet to thank for that bliss."

Dale W.

Tracy & Damon W.,  Maitland, FL

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"Yanet is an amazing person and incredible Yogi.  She has the same amazing energy in person as well as in her Online ZOOM yoga classes.  We have been so fortunate to be able to continue her yoga classes via Zoom when the gyms were closed. Her flows are fantastic and never the same. Yanet helps you edit your poses from restorative to power moves depending on your level and desire of practice.  She has a special nurturing ability to help you grow your yoga practice. Yanet is a gift that keeps on giving. Her positive energy, sincerity, kindness, and relaxed attitude (the list goes on) has kept us focused and sane during some trying times. She oozes joy and selflessly shares it with others. Everyone needs a slice of Yanet’s goodness in their life."

PS. It’s a bonus if you get a few giggles out of her during practice.

Candice S., Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa

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"My daughter and myself joined a zoom yoga class with Yanet, from South Africa . It was a great session as Yanet managed to still watch over us as if she was in the room ! It was really enjoyable and we both look forward to joining another class very soon."

Sharon G. Orlando, FL

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"Yanet offers yoga for the everyday person.  I am NOT flexible at all but Yanet's classes and guidance throughout the class makes me feel at ease.  I am reminded that I am doing good and that I am doing what is just right for me.  Yanet is so relatable!"

Tracy & Damon

Dar V., Oviedo, FL

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"I absolutely love and appreciate Yanets fun, loving, practical approach to teaching yoga!  I look forward to seeing and listening to her radiant glowing soul for one hour of my day while she injects her unique cute humor which always brings a smile and laughter to my day. 

Yanet is both thoughtful and mindful to the fact that all of our body’s and level of experience is different at every class and she takes the time to show two or three different options for poses so that you don’t injure yourself.  Unlike many instructors who rush to get as many poses in within one hour, Yanet takes the time to explain the muscles and body parts that she is helping everyone to build stronger and more flexible which I greatly appreciate so much as a beginner. 

Yanet adds kind loving inspiration to every class and day by starting and ending each practice with a thought for the day to meditate on while encouraging you to set an intention for the rest of the day which is so valuable and important in me.  Words can’t express my gratitude to both Yanet and Shelley who introduced me to her.  They are my two angels that I am so grateful and blessed to have in my life right now during this journey.

If you are looking for a yoga instructor who is extremely passionate and truly cares about you as an individual and in helping you to strengthen and heal your body, look no further for an instructor because you will not find a more beautiful soul to help you get the most out of your practice than Yanet! 

Even if you are not able to attend her class on a given day, I highly recommend that you go to her website and social media platforms for wisdom and inspiration to learn how to connect mind, body, soul through breath and exercise.  In racing terms she is P1 and will help you get to the checkered and trophy first!   Thank you, I love and Namaste!"


Shelley T., Apopka, FL

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"I started yoga with Yanet at the age of 50 - I’m 63 now - I have never been stronger or healthier - her anatomical wisdom is amazing - she is sensitive to everyones individual needs - she manages to get me well warmed up, strengthened and stretched out and I get my heart rate up so I get everything I need in one hour.  Her spirit and Yogic knowledge is like no other and I’ve taken classes all over the world.  She has managed to conduct a class where both beginners and experienced yogis can practice - all in one class.  Did I mention her music?  Her playlists are amazing.  She has changed my life for the better and as long as she’s teaching, I will never stop practicing!"

Susan G., New Smyrna, FL

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"One of the most fortunate decisions I ever made 15 years ago was the day I decided to join a local gym. I took an assortment of classes and then one day, I walked into a room to find Yanet Ralls teaching a yoga class. Within the first 10 minutes I was feeling her positive energy, which by the end of shavasana, resulted in my total body wellness. Yanet’s yoga has helped me feel young, flexible and vital at 74 and I am so grateful to be able to take her classes on zoom three days a week. I encourage anyone at at any age to join us."


To share your story email  We would love to hear from you.

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