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Yanet Yoga - A Lifestyle Built on Sustainable Wellness

      When we think of wellness, we often believe it is exclusive to the physical body.  Sustainable wellness is your personal holistic approach to a healthier you. Through my personal journey I discovered that it is so much more.  Sustainable wellness encompasses our spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing and is an integral part of our everyday lives.  It is only when these elements intertwine that we can achieve balance and continue in our pursuit of personal growth, 

     At Yanet Yoga you'll enter an environment where everyone is welcome, no matter your experience level, age, ability, or flexibility.  Yanet Yoga is a safe place of belonging where I encourage the practice of "self-care" in a sustainable manner.  My mission is to inspire through diverse wellness offerings, including customized practices that can be used as a foundation as we strive to live our best everyday lives.   Namaste.

When I began practicing yoga with Yanet, I could not descend a staircase or take a walk

Dale W,

 Maitland, FL

My Daughter and myself joined a zoom yoga class with Yanet, from South Africa .

Candice S,

Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa

I started yoga with Yanet at the age of 50 - I’m 63 now - I have never been stronger or healthier

Shelley T.

Apopka, FL

Yanet is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Tracy & Damon W,

Maitland, FL

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