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Where do I like to practice?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I truly enjoy that feeling I cultivate when I practice yoga. Whether I practice for 1 hour or 15 minutes, when I am in final rest pose, I feel all the energy within me aligns. I feel grateful for everything in my life and all of the worries, the to do lists, the commitments and thoughts that don’t serve me wash away. A sense of knowing that I am exactly where I need to be and an understanding of what is around me saturates my every cell. Honestly speaking, this does not last forever but the feeling is so powerful that it makes me want to get on my mat daily. In life we experience discomfort and insecurities, this is part of existing as humans, but finding a way to get centered multiple times per day will help balance the emotions. To help create emotional balance, I amongst other things, practice yoga daily.

Practicing yoga mindfully, including breath and postures can be done at different times of the day and in different places. I now lead practice five days on most weeks. Although I am practicing the postures, I don’t consider that time my practice because I feel I am there to guide, encourage and share my teachings and support. When I practice at home, I usually favor a 20 minute practice but when I have the luxury to practice with one of my favorite teachers, I indulge in a one-hour practice either live or online. While at home in the morning I take fifteen minutes to be still and choose a restorative pose (usually legs up the wall pose or if my hips are tight, firedog pose) and focus on my breath. I either listen to a guided meditation or simply to ambient music. My favorite spots to practice are in my living room shag rug, out on my deck where I can see the blue sky above and at one of my favorite studios when being guided.

Discover a few places you can practice yoga and make it a ritual. Tune in to your favorite teacher online or soundtrack. Whether you find a cozy spot in your home or in your favorite studio or park, practice your yoga daily.

Lots of love!

Favorite place: On my deck

Favorite place: Outdoors

Favorite place: Living room carpet

Favorite place: In the studio

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