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Fun Friday : Best props to use during yoga class:

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I love the use of props during yoga class. Looking back at the beginning of my yoga practice years ago, I recall feeling discouraged because poses were so challenging for me due to my inflexibility. As I began to study yoga and it's different styles, I got attracted to teachers that were teaching a more therapeutic style of yoga. Although these classes were challenging, creative and definitely fun, they had a therapeutic side to them. This therapeutic side encourages the student the opportunity to allow the class to fit where they are on that particular day. The more I studied this style of yoga, the more I realized this practice of "self care" helped me blossom. I began to come to class and listen to my body regardless of how much I was able or not able to do the day before. I loved adding modifications and progressions that suited me for that particular day.

This is how I began the use of props during class. I started to notice that the use of two blocks and a towel or strap was allowing me the space to grow within the class. As a result I have adopted my own style of teaching and I always recommend that people use props within the class. The presence of the pandemic, has allowed us the opportunity to practice virtual classes within the comfort of our own home. Being at home gives us the ability to use a myriad of props. I am going to share with you props I recommend you get together at home for yoga practice and props that you can take with you if you're going out to a studio to take a yoga class.

At home yoga props: In Studio Props:

· firm cushion (medium size) *2 blocks

· Bolster *Yoga Strap

· Blanket *Towel

· Chair

· 8-10 foot yoga strap

· towel

· 2 blocks

· Sand bag

· Eye pillow

· Diffuser

· Aroma therapy oil

Stay tuned to more of my informal (I am not a writer J) photo blogs to learn how I use these props.

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