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5 Ways to use music in your day

I love using music throughout the day. Music can be used as therapy to infuse a feeling of wellbeing. There are many articles that support this. In one article published by Southern Medical Association, (Copyright © 2005 by The Southern Medical Association 0038-4348/05/9803-0282) it states that music is used widely to reduce stress and distract patients from unpleasant symptoms. In the yoga classes I lead, I use music while I teach classes to set the tone of class. I put a lot of thought into who my audience is, time of day, theme of the class and even the time of year to help me create a playlist. In addition to music for class, I add music throughout the day to help my state of mind.

Here are 5 ways I add music to my day,

1- Play music in the morning.

  • Morning playlist ideas- ambient playlist - classical playlistchill playlist

2- Play music while in the car.

  • Driving playlist ideas- 70’s r&b playlist – Urbano Latino playlistacoustic playlist

3- Play music at work or while you work out.

  • My Yoga class playlists- follow me on Spotify search for Yanet Ralls

4- Play music that sets the tone you desire for your evening.

  • My evening playlists- In my home we play new music as well as oldies and sometimes even have a family dance party.

5- Play music for sleep. It offers relaxation and lowers your heart rate.

  • Find a sleep time playlist that you enjoy. I enjoy nature sounds. Don’t forget to schedule sleep timer.

Invite music into your day and you will notice how it can relax you, improve your mood and even set the tone for a dinner party. Music is therapy for me J

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