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#FridayFavorite: Simplify your Yoga trip to the studio

In my last blog, I shared with you the different items I like to use during my yoga practice. I have items I keep near me for my home practice and a few I travel with when I practice at the studio. Read about those in my last blog.

Due to the pandemic and the idea of staying safe, I no longer borrow blocks and straps from the studio. In addition to bringing my mat with me to practice, I now carry with me blocks and a strap.

My wonderful mother, who is very creative and always wants to help, offered to make life easier for me. She hand made a crochet holder for my blocks and strap. I can now travel with my blocks to the studio as well as use my yoga strap as a mat holder.

I must admit, I love it!

Click on the vlog so that you can see how I carry my stuff to the studio.

To see some of my mom's homemade straps

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