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Explore beginner yoga postures

If you have been practicing yoga for a while or brand new to yoga, take the time to explore the simplicity of basic postures. “Less is more”, is a phrase that I have heard from so many people who are experienced in life. I feel that as I have matured in my yoga practice, I have been focusing more on practicing the basics and slowing the practice down. In the last few years adjusting to this “Less is more” philosophy has aided me in growing my practice and realizing I practice for me and what I need on that day.

My mission at Yanet yoga is to guide students so that they meet themselves where they are and move towards where they want to be. The on-demand section on the website consists of classes with different focal points. Our classes are geared to suit the student at every level. We are really excited to launch a new section for beginners. This section includes short tutorial videos which are a great resource for learning the basic postures of yoga. You can practice these postures at home or let the videos help your confidence in a studio class setting. Stay tuned to the website, we will continue to add to this beginner section within our on-demand tab with teachings on how to modify postures using props and much more.

Embrace your practice, learn the alignment of your basic postures, and enjoy learning how each pose suits your body. Listening to your body as you perform these basic postures will help you avoid injuries and maintain your practice sustainable.

Yours in health,

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Love the good advices!!!

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Me parece muy buenos consejos!!!

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Yanet Ralls
Yanet Ralls
26 sept 2021
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