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5 Steps to a good morning

I consider myself a morning person. I love to wake up early and bounce to the kitchen to make my cup of hot coffee. I sometimes drink ½ cup of hot water with lemon on an empty stomach to help me cleanse prior to my coffee. I feel it cleanses me physically, but it sets me up for a healthy day ahead. Follow these 5 steps and maybe these will help you to a good morning.

1- Set your alarm sound to your favorite tune. This will reduce the jolting effect of an alarm sound. I like to set my alarm to nature sounds.

2- Bring to awareness one thing you are grateful for today.

3- Before getting out of bed maybe give yourself a nice little stretch. A gentle twist from side to side offers a nice therapeutic stretch.

4- Prepare your favorite beverage

5- Sip your beverage and either listen to or read some positive affirmations, meditations or do whatever makes you feel good for 15 minutes. Review your calendar and get ready to target your beautiful day.

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You’re awesome, Yanet. following your advice every morning!

thank you


Love this Yanet! Miss you! 😘


Yanet Ralls
Yanet Ralls
Sep 26, 2021
Replying to

Ay que rico!!!!

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