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#FridayFavorites - Which yoga mats do I use?

Today I have decided to write about the yoga mats I like. I sometimes get asked about products that I like to use, so I wanted to share some of these. Look for my #FridayFavorites.

Today is all about the yoga mats that I use in my practice.

I love the lululemon yoga mat because it is easy to carry, affordable and I could take it to practice outdoors. It is great for an outdoor practice because although the mat is light, it does not feel flimsy.

The other mat I enjoy using is the Liforme yoga mat. My favorite thing about this mat is the grip as well as the guides within it which help me with pose alignment. This company has also come out with some really great colors for these mats.

Last, but not least, Manduka mats are great. Anytime I travel, which I do quite a bit with my daughter's volleyball schedule, I use their travel mat. It folds so well that it only occupies as much space as a light sweater in your suitcase. I love how portable it is and I do not leave home without it when I travel.

In the picture above, the colorful one is the Manduka mat, the black one is Liforme mat, and the sand color one is the lululemon mat.

I hope this #FridayFavorites resonates with you and was helpful! Tell us your favorite yoga mats in the comments below!

Sending lots of love,


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1 commentaire

Thanks Yanet! Nothing like a new mat to inspire me. I love my Liforme.

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